Lifestyle Lift Out of Business?

Lifestyle Lift might be out of business according to the

    Wall Street Journal


Lifestyle Lift, a nationwide chain of cosmetic surgery centers, abruptly shut down the majority of its business Monday and said it is considering filing for bankruptcy.

The company, founded in 2001 by Dr. David Kent, had 40 surgery centers nationwide offering what it billed as a less-invasive face-lift procedure that required only local anesthesia and a shorter recovery time.

A spokeswoman for Lifestyle Lift verified Monday that Dr. Kent sent the email and that company has shut down aside from providing some post-operation checkup procedures. Bankruptcy is among options that the company is considering, the spokeswoman said, adding that no firm decisions have been made.

Lifestyle Lift, based in Troy, Mich., owes money to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, the spokeswoman said, which led to the shutdown. A spokesman for J.P. Morgan Chase declined to comment Monday.


As this process proceeds it might be interesting to recall what exactly “Lifestyle Lift” might have been. Many people were under the impression it was an operation. Some would ask if I did the Lifestyle Lift. They would see the commercials on television (the location where the company seemed to do its best work) and were brought into the hype stream. At one point I remember being contacted by a company claiming to be Lifestyle Lift. It was presented as a marketing effort that would send patients for facial surgery to a doctor’s practice. The operation was not specified. I did not inquire.

Lifestyle lift clients have reviewed their experiences online with varied ratings. At one point the company was fined $300,000 for allegedly posting fake internet reviews. When I wrote about Lifestyle lift a few years ago the positive review for “Lifestyle Lift” represented 45% of reviews at, an internet rating site for cosmetic surgery. Currently it is up to 61%.

I think it is probably the most accurate to say that Lifestyle Lift was a brand. It entered the public sphere of awareness and in that sense was successful. Delivering on excessive promises might have been more difficult than anticipated.

Back when I was in training in plastic surgery, the general principle of developing reasonable expectations with cosmetic surgery clients was stressed as one of the more important concepts in plastic surgery. The Lifestyle Lift brand has seemingly flown in the face of this for a decade and a half. It has likely made its principles a good deal of money. It is not and was not an operation though. :)

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John Di Saia MD


Avoiding Botched Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can be so great, but the negatives are far more often featured than the positives in the media. This can tend to scare the hell out of many potential clients. The very freely used term “botched plastic surgery” tends to lend the potential patient to believe that surgeons do the wrong thing by patients frequently. Well trained and ethical ones don’t.

Here are a few simple pointers to help lead you away from the land of the botched plastic surgery patient:

(1) Do not allow doctors trained in other specialties to do your plastic surgery. You wouldn’t go to a plumber to have your car fixed would you?

(2) Get your general health in order first. Smokers and others with health issues are far more likely to not heal well after even well-performed plastic surgery.

(3) Don’t pick Dr Cheapie. You wouldn’t go to “Pick and Save” for lobster would you?

(4) Avoid surgical marathons and the doctors who proscribe them like they are handing out an Aspirin.

These points have worked well in my practice for over a decade.

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John Di Saia MD

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Large skin cancer arm after shaving #plasticsurgery

Large skin cancer arm after shaving <a href=''>#plasticsurgery</a>

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Good Liposuction Results – Booty Refinement for You?

Good Liposuction Results can mean your future booty might be “refined.”

Liposuction is a popular procedure and when performed judiciously it can have good long lasting results. As we have discussed before it is not immune to large weight fluctuations. For patients in a reasonable weight range (plus or minus a few pounds,) it performs well in the right hands. Despite that which you see featured elsewhere good butt liposuction is not a matter of removing more, but rather removing the right amount in the right patient the right way.

Here is a case I did about ten years ago on a woman with a bit of extra (her words) “junk in her trunk.” She was later to call this “good butt liposuction” herself . :) No laser or other high tech gizmo was used. She did have a short anesthetic in a surgery center and there were no complications.


Good Liposuction Results

Good Liposuction Results Orange County California

Realistic Thigh Liposuction Orange County California

The operation made things quite a bit better. She was pleased. It did not however make her into a “thin woman.” It made her into a “thinner woman.” That is  a “good liposuction result.” :)


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John Di Saia MD


P.S. For those who have commented over the years that this or that doesn’t look much better, don’t have cosmetic surgery. If you can’t see improvement or have a picture in your head that must be your outcome, you are liable to be disappointed.

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“Porn Star Breast Implants I Want’em” – A Reader Query

Reader Question:

I like your No BS plastic surgery viewpoint, but I want porn star breast implants. I know you can do it. You have done it before.

I can probably do that, but I need to know what exactly you look like and what you want to look like. In essence I need to evaluate you.

This site is meant to educate potential plastic surgery patients so I disclose information that seems negative to some. Being big on disclosure can discourage some potential patients.

Understand that “going larger” on breast implants increases your risk over the long term. You will have a higher re-operation rate over time. At times to get you where you want to go, several operations over time might be needed. The prior patient you linked in your question only required one though. :)

Being honest or “No BS” as you state, means that I feel the need to tell my patients about the “up and down” of an operation before I do it. If the operation seems doomed to fail from the start I tend to decline.

As long as your case seems to be “do-able” and your risk reasonable, I would be happy to take care of you. I am not the cheapest, but my patients believe I am worth it. Thanks for your interest.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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Facial Dog Bite – Plastic Surgery Emergency – Picture Alert

Emergencies do occur in which you might want a plastic surgeon involved. Even people who have an axe to grind with cosmetic plastic surgery don’t seem to complain much when a plastic surgeon is available in an emergency. In the early hours of independence day, Dr D was requested in a local Anaheim emergency room to repair the effects of a dog bite to the face. In this case the upper lip was the most severely injured.

Both the upper and lower lip required surgery. The healing from this wound and the required surgery will take about a year and the patient should avoid sun exposure and cigarette smoking for months to optimize the outcome. Page 2 features a few pictures of the injury and an early after repair status update.

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John Di Saia MD

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Fixing Implanted Breasts in the OC

Redo Breast Implant Patient by Dr D - Orange County California

Breast implant surgery does not always go as planned. The reasons vary from patients seeking poor surgical talent at their local $3000 chop shop, smoking too many cigarettes or just plain having bad luck.
Much of this can be fixed or at least improved with additional surgery.
This young lady found me after having had four operations with her prior surgeon at which point he uttered those unforgettable words: “This is as good as it is going to get.”

She had poor scarring partially due to her genetics, but the poor shape and firmness was correctable. She found her way to my practice after a friend with whom I had worked in the past referred her to me. We performed a modified breast lift and implant exchange with capsule removal in a local Orange County surgical center and she achieved a nice improvement.

Fixing Bad Plastic Surgery:

** Get into the best hands you can afford and check into your surgeon’s qualifications before you let him operate upon you. Understand that redos are harder and less predictable than first time surgery.

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John Di Saia MD


Cosmetic Breast Surgery at Dr D’s Practice Site

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With big Dan waiting on them #Angels

With big Dan waiting on them <a href=''>#Angels</a>

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LaViv: A Better Filler?

A friend of mine at a local media outlet was pitched a story about Laviv and asked for my thoughts. So I looked into it for her. We talked about it here once before, but I updated my search to be fair:

Laviv is a fibroblast cell product which is formulated as a tissue filler. The idea is new though. The company takes a sample of skin from behind the ear and use a little cell culture magic and make many new patient “cloned” fibroblasts. Then these are injected into the skin of that same patient in three parts separated by 5 weeks or so. The cool thing is that these are cells that should be identical to some of the cells the patient would have there already. Then again fibroblasts are basic cells to healing, but who is to say what a big pile of them injected below someone’s skin will do?

A key question is what is the long term effect here and that of course is not known. The FDA approval was based on a relatively small study showing better than placebo effects on nasolabial folds six months after a three treatment series. The study group was only 421 patients. There are post study approval requirements from the FDA; another 2700 patients to be followed.

The idea is very high tech and expensive. Another central question is how dangerous might it be (cancer, etc) and how long will the results (if we get any) last? How will Laviv compare to other products on the market which are ten to twenty times cheaper? The FDA pre-approval study did not compare it to anything but a lack of treatment. Not very encouraging.

I wouldn’t be getting too excited, but then new high tech stuff rarely gets me excited without some real proof behind it. We have little of that here.

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John Di Saia MD

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Safe Breast Augmentation – How To Get Yours.

Safe Breast Augmentation?

The level of confusion regarding breast implant surgery is enormous. Can you get implant surgery without the drama?

safe breast augmentation

There are sites with scary stories of women (including this one) who went to horrifying B movie type doctors and had horrendous results. There are also stories of women who went bigger and bigger and bigger until their breast tissue just gave out and failed.

Safe Breast Augmentation is possible as long as you exercise proper judgement. Suffice it to say there are plenty of women who have had safe breast augmentation:

“Dr. D!!! They are still so awesome! They aren’t hard or sagging, almost 16 years later. Unbelievable! They look great and feel like a part of my body. You are the best and you can tell everyone I think so!!”
-G: Los Angeles, Ca. – Breast augmentation patient 2013

This woman had her breast implants placed in 1997 by yours truly. They were placed in an operating facility under her pectoral muscles and were saline-filled models of a moderate size. Now fifteen years later, she has needed no additional surgery and feels and looks great.

Beware advertising gimmicks and promises of the extreme. Choose a qualifed board certified plastic surgeon and moderate enhancement guided by his or her advice. That “happy medium” might just last you ten or more years. :)

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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