Nevada Booty Injection Death – Elena Caro

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – With her smooth skin and wavy, honeyed hair, Elena Caro was celebrated as a beauty by her husband and teenage daughter, who often told her that she didn’t need cosmetic surgery. But at 42, Caro wanted firmer skin and a younger figure, so she secretly booked an appointment with a medical office recommended by a close friend. The quest for perfection might have ended her life, police said. Caro was found walking the streets of Las Vegas in agony Saturday after buttocks enhancement surgery that authorities say was performed by two Colombian nationals in the back room of a tile business. She was pronounced dead minutes later at North Vista Hospital in North Las Vegas. Her cause of death was not immediately determined, pending toxicology tests and an investigation.

This report is still developing, but seems quite a bit like a previous story we featured of a death after silicone butt injections.

Booty injections not infrequently go badly. Qualified doctors tend to not offer them, so people can find themselves in not-so-qualified hands. Buttock enhancement is not a mainstream plastic surgery procedure probably because it is less predictable than many other operations. In particular, booty augmentation by injection can be very dangerous and has been associated with deaths like in this case usually due to the injected substance finding its way to the heart or brain by a process called embolization.

The most typical case involves embolization of silicone gel after injection. We will see if that was what happened here as the story develops.

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  1. Ruben says:

    Some MD and Dentist from That Nationality come as Tourist,mount an office and start Cosmetic Business in USA, of course illegal practice. Other ones come for few months take a Cosmetology course, no more than 300 hundred hours an mount an office,make marketing an offer gluteus injections,which is prohibited in USA,they work for a few months and disappear.

  2. Liz in CA says:

    “…don’t check on your surgeon,”… ???!!!

    How about:

    ‘Checking on’ a surgeon doesn’t even enter INTO it!

  3. Linda says:

    Sorry to say when you don’t check on your surgeon, you might just pay. This woman paid the ultimate price.

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