Good Liposuction Results – Woman Minus Baby Weight

Good liposuction results are nice smooth contours in the right client. Here is a young OC mom who wanted to get a few post-baby areas trimmed.


Good Liposuction Results

Good Liposuction Results Orange County California

She works out several times a week and is not fat by any means, but had some small problem areas that would not get better with exercise. Her biggest problem area was her tummy bulge and part of that was fatty. Here she is in the image before and 6 weeks after tumescent tummy liposuction with a nice result. Remember liposuction just trims the fat, but doesn’t do much to the skin or muscle wall. This is a good liposuction result showing not lumps or surface irregularities.

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Originally posted 2012-11-01 07:30:57.

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