Houston and her Plastic Surgery Adventure

I “borrowed” this image of before and after from another blog. It shows the adult entertainer who calls herself Houston reportedly before and after facial plastic surgery. It is a sad state of affairs when a woman looks better before plastic surgery than after. We all like to avoid this occurrence.

From the looks of things, she probably had a forehead lift (the brows are raised) with or without upper eyelid surgery. Her hairline may have been raised which some forms of the operation can do. She appears to have had a large amount of lip filler (probably collagen or a hyaluronic acid formulation).

I am unsure at what point she started. She may have had cosmetic surgery prior to the “before” image, but it seems that she may have had too much.

Yes. You can have too much cosmetic surgery. There is a “happy medium” at which improvement has been obtained. Pushing things beyond this point can lead to problems usually in the way of a more unusual or foreign appearance that I call the “over-operated” look.

Many non-adult celebrities get a bit carried away as well with cosmetic surgery and injection therapy. Fortunately, the majority of soft tissue fillers and Botulinum toxin injections have temporary effects.

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John Di Saia MD

Originally posted 2005-05-22 11:16:00.

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  1. DrDiSaia says:

    Well Kris,

    Case and point is that they don’t look like the same person but they are. I have it under good authority that they are images of the same woman.



  2. Kris says:

    These pictures are not of the same person (you should really check your sources)…the picture on the right is actaully a soap star on “The Bold and the Beautiful”…I can’t remember her name but she has just come back from the dead after a long absence. She certainly has has numerous plastic surgeries since being on TV years ago but those two women are not the same person…give me a bit and I can come up with a name…HUNTER TYLO!! K.

  3. Marisa says:

    What a scary picture. Houston looks like some sort of fish or reptile with those freakishly large lips and sunken cheeks.

  4. Betty says:

    I can make myself look like the picture on the right if I suck in my cheeks, look mildly surprised, and really purse my lips.

  5. chris says:

    she looks absolutely ridiculous… reminds me of Pete Puma from Bugs Bunny when the puma puts on the lipstick to disguise himself as a girl.


  6. DrDiSaia says:

    Sure. Just use less of the material. The funny thing is that most women want more as opposed to less.

  7. Rachel says:

    This lip augmentation thing makes these women look like monsters (though that’s not the whole story in this case). Can it ever be made to look natural?

  8. azco0402 says:

    After procrastinating for 14 years, I have finally entered college to earn my BSN. My area of interest is plastic surgery – I’m absolutely fascinated by it. (I became hooked when I worked for an ophthamologist who did upper and lower lids.) I hope, when I’ve earned my degree, I’m able to find employment with a doctor who cares as much as you about the patient, rather than the almighty dollar. As for those doctors who continue to operate when it’s obviously going to lessen, not improve, a patient’s appearance – I wonder if they ever recommend counseling, or just take the money and run. How sad to take advantage of a person’s weakness. Anyway, love your blogs. Keep ’em coming!

  9. DrDiSaia says:


    I think.


  10. EmGee says:

    You wrote:

    It is a sad state of affairs when a woman looks better before plastic surgery than after

    I agree entirely – Ms. Wildenstein is a perfect example.

    I’m interested to know not what it is that goes through these patient’s heads – rather what goes through physicians heads when they see these people come in and go ahead and nip and tuck without considering that their patient now looks like something out of a kids nightmare.

    Its great you will turn away patients when they start with the freakish requests btw… Glad someone will.

  11. Instapi says:

    Houston is very comfortable with plastic surgery: she famously had her labia redone (labiaplasty) The surgery was broadcast over the internet and the “extra labia” auctioned off.

  12. 00goddess says:

    I suspect that Houston (the porn star in the entry) has also had cheek lipo. She also has ginormously scary boobs. Not too sure about the brow lift- the eyebrows in the “after” pic are just penciled on, so they don’t necessarily represent the location of her real eyebrows. It is common among drag queens to pencil on artificial brows above the natural brows in order to create a more big-eyed look and “open” the eye area.

    I mus disagree with bitchbert about somethings; for one thing, plastic surgery to this extreme isn’t about industry demands. People in porn think Houston looks scary too. I doubt she gets much porn work anymore.

    The porn stars who go for this extreme look are not doing it to suit industry demand to “look good”; they are doing it to stand out and also (in fact, I suspect primarily) as a reaction to the self-esteem issues that led them into porn in the first place. Emotionally healthy porn stars don’t end up looking like this. And Houston is definitely one with attention and self-esteem issues.

  13. DrDiSaia says:

    Hmmmm. I would need to see her face moving to tell on something like that. Decreased motion in the face would more likely be from a recent facelift unless somebdy really went nuts with the botox. Facelift motion problems tend to get better, but can take time…months. Repeated facelifts (a possibility perhaps) can lead to more permanent funny facial animation.



  14. Kriek says:

    Hey doc! Love your blog too! So tell me, what do you think about Nicole Kidman and her possible (not to say highly likely) bottox usage?! She looks great, but maybe a little bit frozen… I’m looking forward to reading your post on this extremely important issue

  15. bitchbert™ says:

    IMHO, the adult film industry is no different from Hollywood – the girls are required (even demanded) to look good facially and physically. It’s a tough world out there; as much as Russia pops out the latest supermodels, or the music industry promoting the latest new artists, or Hollywood badgering the latest IT girl, the adult film industry is riddled with new porn-star wannabes every darn second.

    Having a nice a** and great b**bs isn’t enough since it’s all available at a dime a dozen…

  16. bitchbert™ says:

    love your blog, doc. Keep it up.

  17. DrDiSaia says:

    The key on lip augmentation is to limit the size. Unfortunately, like in breast augmentation, patients tend to want them larger and larger.

    Thanks for the kind words,

  18. ginger says:

    I’m glad you seem to be the type of doctor that makes decisions based on the patients and their health, not money. I’ve had plastic surgery (liposuction)and would like to get more eventually, but I don’t understand people like these women! I would know when to stop while I was ahead. Love the blog. Keep the information coming.

  19. aw says:

    Her lips look the most artificial. But I’ve heard that there just isn’t a good solution for permanently making lips larger. All the techniques have their drawbacks.