Houston and her Plastic Surgery Adventure

I “borrowed” this image of before and after from another blog. It shows the adult entertainer who calls herself Houston reportedly before and after facial plastic surgery. It is a sad state of affairs when a woman looks better before plastic surgery than after. We all like to avoid this occurrence.

From the looks of things, she probably had a forehead lift (the brows are raised) with or without upper eyelid surgery. Her hairline may have been raised which some forms of the operation can do. She appears to have had a large amount of lip filler (probably collagen or a hyaluronic acid formulation).

I am unsure at what point she started. She may have had cosmetic surgery prior to the “before” image, but it seems that she may have had too much.

Yes. You can have too much cosmetic surgery. There is a “happy medium” at which improvement has been obtained. Pushing things beyond this point can lead to problems usually in the way of a more unusual or foreign appearance that I call the “over-operated” look.

Many non-adult celebrities get a bit carried away as well with cosmetic surgery and injection therapy. Fortunately, the majority of soft tissue fillers and Botulinum toxin injections have temporary effects.

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John Di Saia MD

Originally posted 2005-05-22 11:16:00.

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