Reader Laura on Kate Winslet an Anti-Plastic Surgery Actress

Reader Laura’s Comment:

Kate Winslet has recently given an interview where she claims that plastic surgery goes against her morals. I can understand her to wanting to have a frozen face but I’m not sure what plastic surgery has to do with morals. Emma Thompson & Rachel Weisz has also come out in this article and said that they are against themselves getting plastic surgery. Do you see a trend of actresses in CA cutting back on getting Botox as well as surgery? Do you think that there will be fewer actresses getting or admitting to having plastic surgery as they age?


Being publicly against plastic surgery is in fashion with many of the Hollywood elite.

When looked at historically, many of the same actresses who speak in such a manner have had plastic surgery themselves. Kate Beckinsale is a good example. She spoke against plastic surgery, but was a former breast implant client.

In this case Kate Winslet herself looks to have probably had a nose job in the 90’s sometime. I am sure she would say that in her case it wasn’t cosmetic. We hear that a lot from the Hollywood types.

I take that which actresses say in a comedic light particularly as it applies to plastic surgery.

Do I think that this latest anti-plastic surgery statement will change anything?

If it causes people to pause before having too much done it might be a good thing. I still believe the biggest problems in plastic surgery today are overindulgence and poor judgement. If either of these issues is affected, it might be beneficial. Some people do listen to celebrities even if they don’t always listen to themselves.

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John Di Saia MD

Originally posted 2011-08-24 07:30:19.

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