Reader Laura: Mariah Carey – Tummy Tuck?

Reader Laura’s Question:
“Mariah Carey is back on the magazine covers after having her twins. Her stomach is flat and stretch mark free. She claims it’s because of hard work and dieting but I have my doubts. Is this even possible with having twins at her age?”

She has shed a whopping 70lbs in the past six months after giving birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe. And Mariah Carey’s impressive weight loss is clear to see in a new photo in which she looks super slim and her stomach appears completely flat. But is the singer’s post-baby tum really as flat as it appears, or has the professionally shot photo benefited from a little help from the airbrush?

Mariah looks really great, but it would unlikely as you have surmised that after a twin pregnancy that likely involved fertility treatments that she could get so flat so fast. The word “flat” makes me think tummy tuck. The shape of her belly button makes me think tummy tuck. It would have been a very nice tummy tuck although I like to make a vertical oval as a belly button. It is all a matter of opinion.

I am not saying that everyone could get as nice a result as she has had without diet and exercise in the mix. I just do not believe that that was all that was involved in her case. Jenny Craig is not going to want her to talk about surgery even if she would otherwise have been forthcoming. They like the inference they get by doing things the way they have.

And finally airbrushing and Photoshop for the covers? Yeah, why not? :)

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John Di Saia MD



  1. mike says:

    i also have beliefs that she had a tummy tuck. more people need to learn this and notice how her belly button has changed since she lost weight.

  2. linda says:

    Looking good Mimi