Reader Laura: Toxic Booty Injection By Transgendered Fake Doctor

This title sounds like a B movie to be doesn’t it? Nope. It actually happened. :)

Reader Laura’s Question:
“Here’s another horror story about a fake doctor injecting cement, super glue and tire sealant into someone and nearly killing them. The “patient” unsurprisingly contracted an infection, MRSA, and had to go to the hospital for treatment. I’ll never understand how someone can think it’s a good idea to let someone do something like this.”

Transgendered woman Oneal Ron Morris, who by his own picture appears to have undergone the ‘butt-boosting’ procedure himself, is accused of administering the potentially lethal shots to at least one victim. The 30-year-old, who police say is a man but appears to look like a woman, was detained in Florida…Police say the victim was given a series of injections containing cement, mineral oil and Fix-A-Flat tyre inflator and sealant. The incision was sealed with super glue. ‘A short time later, she develops very serious pains, abdomen, throughout her body. She knows something is wrong.’ He said the woman visited two local hospitals, before heading to Tampa General Hospital, where she received treatment.


Cheap plastic surgery commonly increases risk in particular because the unqualified tend to offer it. In this economy there are probably more people looking to cut corners to get their cosmetic desires fulfilled. Still when it comes to booty boosting procedures, there are few if any that are without significant risk. Even if you were willing to spend more money to get this done, you would likely find a paucity of good talent to do it for you. Qualified plastic surgeons tend to be risk adverse.

As we have discussed before, injecting large amounts of fillers into an area like the buttocks is an invitation to disaster. This latest victim is lucky not to have been killed as the injected material was not only not sterile, but composed of much less-than-biological materials.

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  1. Laura says:

    Here’s an update to the story. There are more people coming forward saying they had the same thing done to them.