Of Course Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Is Not Necessary…

Is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Really Necessary? Almost Never. from Huffington Post

The bottom line is I could use some work, but I don’t like knives, I hate needles, and I don’t want someone to inject Jell-O into my lips. I’m not ugly, and I’m not a beauty. I don’t have Angelina Jolie’s face with those beautiful full lips or that fairly attractive skinny right leg; I don’t have Jennifer Aniston’s gorgeous legs and arms and flat stomach but I don’t want Brad Pitt so I’m good. If I got a face lift and had liposuction, I would look like someone who had a bad experience in the barn yard. It would go bad, I just know it. I’ve seen bad plastic surgery and the “after” is much worse than the “before.” If it could go wrong, it would go wrong on me. I just have that kind of luck.

I can’t even stand it that girls/women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s are getting cosmetic plastic surgery and Botox injections these days. There’s no reasonable explanation.
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Actually there is a reasonable explanation: they want it and it is none of your business.

I read this Huffington Post article and could not resist the temptation to respond:

“While you have the right to your opinion much of it is based in ignorance. Cosmetic plastic surgery patients are not universally seeking perfection. Mine aren’t. They just want improvement. Not all women are in an “OC Housewives” competition for beauty either. Many patients seek reasonable improvements and get them not to become caricatures of television plastic surgery addicts. Most of my patients have one operation and do not become “frequent flyers.” Plastic surgery practices vary just as much as the patients.

I have been practicing plastic surgery for nearly 15 years and the patients you describe are not in mine. The only thing that you write that rings true to me is that you shouldn’t have plastic surgery. That’s because you don’t want it. And that is fine. :)

I do thank you for providing a topic for my blog post for tomorrow however and hold you no ill will. We just come from different perspectives.”

Cosmetic plastic surgery is not necessary by definition or else it would be reconstructive. But the opinions of those against it are no more or less significant than the opinions of those for it. The misconceptions upon which this article is based are multiple and remarkable.

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John Di Saia MD

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