Khloe Kardashian Against Plastic Surgery?

A report of a Kardashian reality show plastic surgery session had me curious:

Right off the bat, Malika admits to Khloe that she wishes she had bigger boobs. It starts out as kind of a joke at first, but later on, Malika announces that she has scheduled a consultation for breast implants. Looks like it’s time to “get a new set of twins.”

Although Khloe’s not opposed to the idea of plastic surgery, she’s worried that her bestie is going under the knife for the wrong reasons. She brings up the fact that Malika just broke up with Adrian — roll the montage of cute moments, followed by tears — and explains that she’s worried that this is about her break-up.


We have spoken of reality stars and their plastic surgery exploits here on a number of occasions. Being of the opinion that reality shows are scripted to excess, plot twists really do not surprise me much.

Still it might seem more than ironic to many that a Kardashian would have anything to say about plastic surgery except “Go! Go! Go!” That is probably the reason this reality was scripted for your enjoyment. :)

That aside, it is true that women often seek plastic surgery when they are “between men.” Paradoxically, cosmetic patients are happier when they have surgery for reasons that are internal.

It was traditionally part of plastic surgery training to assess the motivations of a patient coming for cosmetic surgery. Such an evaluation itself in practice however probably happens much more infrequently than it did in years gone by. The competition element discourages this kind of dialogue.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD