Valeria Lukyanova – A Plastic Surgery Barbie or Photoshop Creation?

When women purported to be creations of “plastic surgery taken too far” show up on the internet, I usually wonder how much surgery is involved versus Photoshop. We can add the Ukrainian Valeria Lukyanova to the list:

Lukyanova’s got the long, straight blonde hair, the flawless ivory skin, the wide-eyed look and the heart-shaped mouth. Even more unbelievable, however, is her tiny, seemingly carved-out waist and her disproportionally large chest. It may not be scientifically exact, but Lukyanova comes close to real-life Barbie proportions.

Looking over her MySpace images, I really don’t see much. Well I have seen much worse. In the image above I see a moderate sized boob job (of course this could be an old image) on a thin Ukrainian woman with a thin waist that I’d bet was God given. Her nose had probably seen some work although I’d wager she might have more. Some of the images appear to feature facial fillers or maybe that is just Photoshop.

Heidi Montag, she’s not….at least not yet.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD