Thai Woman Commits Suicide After Plastic Surgery

Bangkok. An honors degree college student allegedly hanged herself after undergoing cosmetic surgery with disappointing results, news reports said Wednesday. Benyapa Senachan, 22, who was due to graduate later this month from Bangkok’s prestigious Chulalongkorn University with honors in dramatic arts, was found hanging from a belt in her room at home on Tuesday by her parents, the Bangkok Post reported. Benyapa’s parents told police that she had often complained about the results of a cosmetic surgery job she had undergone in April on her nose, chin and lips. “She told her family she wanted to die so she could be reborn with new lips.”

I am sure there are those who will try to use this case to make some kind of broad statement about cosmetic surgery. The truth of it is that quality surgeons who tell the right patients “No” will probably never see such a case.

Patients with unusual requests or attitudes used to be routinely turned away from the offices of plastic surgeons. These days with increasing competition less of this seems to occur. I can turn away patients who seem poorly suited to cosmetic surgery but I cannot count upon my competitor down the street to do the same thing. It is a sad case nevertheless.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD