Reader Question: Do I Need MRIs for my Breast Implants?

Reader Question:

I understand that with silicone breast implants it is recommended to get an MRI every 3 years to check on them. Do I need to do this if I get saline implants instead?

Silicone gel breast implants can leak without signs that anything is going wrong from the surface of the breast. That is the reason interval MRIs are recommended to follow the condition of the implants. This can be a big deal as insurance will usually not cover this expense and MRIs can be expensive. In reality, most women do not have these MRI studies.  The health implications here will not be known for years.

Saline-filled implants do not have this problem as there is no silicone gel inside them to leak into the patient. When a saline-filled breast implant leaks, it is only salt water that leaks out. The breast flattens and most women have simple surgery to replace the broken implant.

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John Di Saia MD

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