Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery Story – Next Chapter

Some of you may remember my post on Courtney Stodden plastic surgery and her reaction to it. At first I was threatened with a law suit, then she was going to come in to set the record straight. Later her Momager called and said they wanted another surgeon to examine her; perhaps so they could control what was said.

So she visited a Beverly Hills surgeon, had an examination and of course made a press junket out of it:

He concludes: ‘So I looked at all the areas, Courtney, that might tell someone that you have had plastic surgery and it’s pretty clear to me that as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Courtney has not had any plastic surgery.’ A thrilled Courtney then gives the doctor an awkward hug before leaving, showing off her curvy figure in her usual tight and short bodycon dress which she teams with towering perspex platform heels. This is not the first time that Courtney has enlisted the help of a surgeon to prove she has not been under the knife.

I continue to find these plastic surgery denials interesting. The contemporary definition (at least in Hollywood) of what constitutes plastic surgery is a political one. Then again fillers and botulinum toxin injections if done well can be difficult to detect particularly as time passes. The question of whether or not these cosmetic treatments constitute “plastic surgery” is open to debate. Was Courtney’s chosen “doctor of the day” being truthful or evasive?

Without a face to face exam, my guesses are only guesses. Of course this is Hollywood you know. :)

Translation: She has probably had something done. Most of them have if you look closely enough.

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John Di Saia MD



  1. Laura says:

    She’s had work done in my opinion. Makeup can only take you so far. I feel sorry for this poor girl. She’d do better to spend her money on an education or at least acting classes.