Kate Gosselin – Breast Implants Too?

A Kate Gosselin post poking fun at her for playing the “plastic surgery denial” game prompted a bit of twitter activity including a picture from @Berksgrl:

The suggestion was that Kate may have had her breasts augmented as well. From the looks of the “after” image (on the right) it seems pretty possible. This kind of change could also be caused by really large inserts, so we only get to “possible/probable” with this image. :)

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John Di Saia MD



  1. Laura says:

    There is no way a woman who carried and gave birth to that many children can have a stomach that flat. I have friends who have just had one kid/one pregnancy and they have a little pooch even with working out. Several of my friends who breast fed their babies also talk about their boobs deflating after they stop.

    Her face is different, her boobs are bigger (and not from breast feeding) and I don’t buy that she’s not had work done.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting work done, I just don’t get the lies.