Good Thigh Lift Results – Orange County California

Good Thigh Lift Results

can be yours if you are the proper candidate and you have quality surgery.


The operation is designed to correct loose fatty skin along the inside of the thighs. As I have previously posted images of such operations in which things did not turn out well, here is an example of the other side of the coin. :)

Good thigh lift results Orange County California

This pretty forty something was in good shape, but had gained and lost a good deal of weight around the time of her pregnancies years prior. The result was that her inner thighs kind of touched and when she ran she felt them swinging around and slapping one another at times. The skin was loose and wrinkles were apparent. She found this inconsistent with her self-image and wanted it corrected.

A year after thigh lift surgery (upper right in the image) the problem was greatly improved (good thigh lift results.) In cases like hers the scar can be carefully hidden in the groin crease. Larger cases (such as after gastric bypass) with more loose skin can require extended incisions.

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