Cindy Crawford’s Shape Magazine Cover, Plastic Surgery and “Too Much Hurts?”

A Shape Magazine cover of Cindy Crawford prompted a comment or two at OK Magazine’s Facebook in which I became embroiled. Some were unimpressed with how Cindy looked in that cover photo. It seems I have thought not-so-much of a Shape magazine cover in the past. Maybe it is their post production computer work?

My comment on that Cindy Crawford post at Facebook was more of a passing thought really that maybe Cindy was approaching the precipice of “too much hurts”…meaning she’d had more than a little plastic surgery. I have been a critic of people who have had so much plastic surgery over time that their features have become distorted. Cindy is looking a bit tight in that cover. The exact source of her appearance in that photo however is a combination of her visage, the surgery involved in her current state, natural aging, and Photoshop. How much exactly is due to surgery is hard to discern.

Upon reviewing more of Cindy’s images (mostly from her twitter @CindyCrawford ,) I don’t believe that she has fallen over that precipice as of yet. :) I see tendencies however.

Take into account that I am not bringing a sweeping indictment against Cindy. I am a plastic surgeon with a philosophy that puts making things look natural at a high priority. There are many who disagree with me. I do mostly body work as I personally do not like the appearance of the “overly processed face.” When I work on the face I am very conservative. While I so not see Cindy entirely in the “over done” light, I would slow down the facial surgery if I were her. We have quite enough in the “too much hurts” category and would like not to add Cindy.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD