Mommy Makeover Term Getting Popular

For some women, trying to bounce back into shape after a baby is akin to dreaming the impossible dream. Impossible without a little surgical help, that is. Enter the “mommy makeover,” a phrase that has taken off in the plastic surgery field over the past few years. Typically consisting of breast augmentation, a tummy tuck or liposuction — or a combination of the three — the procedures are designed to reverse the wear and tear that having babies can sometimes cause.

Although there are plenty of questions to ask before anyone considers cosmetic surgery, local doctors say there’s no questioning its popularity. Angela Aguirre is a believer. The Rockwall mom of two kids, ages 8 and 4, started working out in December 2010 and lost 30 pounds, “but my stomach didn’t look any different,” she says. “There was loose skin, and it kind of had a round, potbelly appearance to it. I’d been working out really hard for a year and three months, and thought, ‘Surely by now it would be tighter.’”

We have discussed the emergence of the term “Mommy makeover” before. As a workout conscious man with a gourmet cook for a wife, I have issues with telling people that no amount of exercise will help a problem. Recovery from pregnancy optimally includes diet and exercise. A doctor in this story kinda downplayed the importance of diet and exercise in the picture, so I kindly edited him out of the quotation. :)

With this being said, there is a point particularly with woman who have had their tummies stretched beyond a certain point at which diet and exercise alone hit an impasse of sorts. Tummy tuck surgery frequently helps women here if they choose to explore the option.

Mommy makeover frequently includes tummy tuck surgery, breast enhancement and/or liposuction. The exact operation varies with the individual. This is amongst the reasons I do not use the term “Mommy makeover” in the office except in passing. The term does not exactly describe an operation. It refers to a family of operations in a colloquial sense.

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Originally posted 2012-12-19 07:30:11.