Reader Laura on Lisa Rinna Gets Plumped Lips Again

Reader Laura:
“In recent pictures it looks like Lisa Rinna seems to have gone back to the lip plumpers. Does she look like she’s injecting her lips again to you?”

She publicly underwent lip reduction surgery two years ago to fix her botched trout pout. After some complications Lisa Rinna finally sorted out the problem, but seemed to be sporting slightly fuller lips again as she stepped out in Beverly Hill on Thursday. The self-confessed plastic surgery fan, who filmed the reduction for her reality show, and has admitted to using botox, seemed in great spirits as she wandered around a few days into the new year, showing off her luscious, large lips. Although they’ve ballooned and reduced dramatically over the last few years, they seemed a little larger than she’s had them recently, but looked much more natural. Whatever’s happened to her lips, it’s unlikely that she’s opted for juvĂ©derm treatments which gave her so many problems in the past.


As some of you might remember, Lisa Rinna told of her silicone lip injections of many years ago that in all likelihood trashed her lips. She later went to have some of the scar and inflamed mess removed surgically from her upper lip. The painful progressive growth of her silicone injected lip is not atypical of silicone gel injections. This is amongst the reasons we have warned against them here for years. There are safe lip injection products. Silicone gel is not one of them.

Well now after her little surgical procedure, Lisa’s lips are likely at least a bit misshapen. I’d bet she’s having some small maintenance injection therapy to minimize this disfigurement. So yes: I’d say she’s back on the fillers. :)

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD