Saline Implant Rupture and Breast Implant Warranty

A patient called the office recently after a saline breast implant that I had placed over for her over 15 years ago had ruptured. For a saline breast implant patient to go so long without having a re-operation for rupture is pretty good. :)

Amongst the questions she asked were some involving the warranty that breast implants have from the manufacturer. There are breast implant warranties, but they do not extend so long after surgery. At the time this patient was originally operated the standard warranty was for five years.

Interestingly the only thing a breast implant warranty really covers well is rupture in a saline filled implant. The warranty periods are pretty short relative to the time at which such an event usually happens except in special circumstances. Then again isn’t that the nature of product warranties?

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John Di Saia MD

Originally posted 2013-01-30 07:30:59.