Dr D on ‘Plastic Wives’ Get Cosmetic Surgery for Free

ABC news [abcnews.go.com/Nightline/video/plastic-wives-cosmetic-surgery-free-18298699] ran a piece on the wives of some plastic surgeons who also happen to be the stars of a new reality show. As usual, hyperbole was everywhere. On one hand, of course they get their plastic surgery for free when their husbands are their surgeons. Mine did. :)

On the other hand, smart surgeons know that being judicious with the knife can make the wife look better longer. The way the statements on that ABC piece sound, its like those women are in their husband’s operating rooms all the time. Mine isn’t.

I do the occasional Botulinum toxin injection for her and a moderate depth facial chemical peel a few times a year, but she is not going in and out of anesthesia for surgery on any regular schedule. I did her tummy tuck and that’s it.

Realize that when your wife is a reality star, this is an opportunity to blow the practice up in the free marketing department. Add the fact that reality stars tend to make outlandish statements for a living and everything starts to make sense. Remember it is all just entertainment. :)

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD