Chinese Man Sues For Dog Facelift Death

The United States used to be quoted as the land of decadence. The Chinese might be making a move on this position however:

A dog breeder in China is suing an animal hospital after his Tibetan Mastiff died while undergoing a face-lift procedure, according to reports in local media. The canine — a trophy dog among the nouveau riche in China — died on the operating table in November after suffering heart failure, possibly linked to the anaesthetic used. The breeder, named as Mr Yu and the owner of a dog farm in Shunyi district of Beijing, said that he had hoped the plastic surgery would make his Tibetan Mastiff more attractive to other owners looking for a breeding partner for their dogs.


So it sounds like the owner here was trying to defraud some dog owners by making his dog look like a good breeding partner. I can’t help but think that many would feel plastic surgery on a dog would constitute cruelty to animals. I doubt the mastiff cared much for how he looked. Then again the prevailing opinion in the US likely means little in China.

Mr Yu probably didn’t read my other relatively recent lawsuit story in which a man sued his wife for fraud after she had plastic surgery that was unknown to him. We’ll see how the Chinese courts treat him.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD