Avoiding Breast Implant Problems – Reader Laura Comments

Avoiding breast implant problems beats trying to live with them. Some can be fixed but the results vary and it is more expensive. This story features a woman who got more than her share.

Reader Laura Question:
“Doctors in the UK said that this was one of the worst cases of Capsular contracture they have seen. How common is this? Is there anything a woman can do to avoid this? If a woman were to have a leaky implant would she have to deal with the same thing?”

Lauren Yardley had always dreamed of having a more curvaceous figure. So at 25, and tired of her ‘boyish’ shape, she decided to buy what Mother Nature had not given her. She paid almost £4,000 for a breast implant operation, increasing her A-cup size breasts to DD. But to her horror, just two months after the surgery, her body started to reject one of the implants. Weeks later, it actually started protruding from her chest and came through the skin.

Source: dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2295139/Boob-job-horror-woman-

This woman’s problems probably amounted to selecting too large a set of breast implants and/or employing less-than-talented surgeons.

Breast implants are not rejected very often really, but they can become infected if tissue coverage is too light relative to their size. This case was likely a poor coverage and infection issue. It could have been avoided by choosing more wisely on the smaller side. These problems tend to happen far less often and to a lesser extent when better planning is employed.

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