Reader Question: Weight Loss Military Liposuction?

Was reading your testimonials and like one of your patients who was overweight and the military, I am in the same boat. I was wondering what you could do for me to assist in my goals to stay in the military through liposuction or body contouring.

I’m not huge but all my dieting and exercise feels like it’s for nothing. I’m 225 and need to lose about 35 pounds. Is this the right move if traditional weight loss isn’t working?

Liposuction is a contouring procedure rather than a weight loss method. With the amount of weight you’d like to lose, liposuction is not going to deliver for you. I do not make it a practice of going for weight reduction with liposuction or body contouring surgery anyway.

I have performed liposuction occasionally to help military clients fulfill requirements, but focused on shape in close cases in which these men were a bit wide in the belly measurement usually. Any plastic surgeon promising weight loss from liposuction is “talking things up” rather than being truthful.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD