Feeling for Nick Saban

@warrenstjohn wrote an article for GQ about famed Alabama football coach Nick Saban which was discussed on a morning Yahoo Sports radio show @travisrodgers to which I listen. As the peculiarites of Mr Saban’s life were elucidated. I felt for the man. He is more OCD than I am; and I am a plastic surgeon.

Being focused to the point of peculiarity is liable to make you the punch line for quite a few jokes. Extreme focus does work out well for those who have jobs requiring analysis and detail like surgeons and apparently football coaches. No one is arguing Saban’s record. I’d wager that the point of Saban’s lack of acknowledgement resulting in people’s feelings becomig hurt at times is simply a matter of that focus. His was elsewhere. I have been misunderstood in that way before. These are amongst the negatives counterbalancing the positives of those of us who focus more than the average person does.

Now I have a more varied lunch menu than Mr Saban does, but do prefer order to disarray. By what I heard from the author of the GQ piece on the radio, Mr Saban’s life is micromanaged to point of annoyance. I don’t know how I might handle that.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD