Reader Laura on Sono Bello Salon Complications

Reader Laura’s Comment:

Patient (Dr. Teresa Yagi ) was burned during a cosmetic laser treatment. She thought it would be no big deal and admits that she didn’t do her homework on this. She wound up with burns on her face and her hands. Another patient had lipo and experienced a side-effects of the lipo – a blood clot. When she went in for a consult she was told that it would be a simple procedure and that the way that they do the procedure there would be less risk than done the normal way.

The web site for Sono Bello and the promotional materials, said “We have ruled out the major risks and complications that existed with traditional liposuction by introducing the use of micro instruments and laser assistance! Many patients feel so good they resume normal activities the next day.”

Sono Bello is a company breaking into the cosmetic market. They mainly do liposuction is in that way they resemble other such companies. They also advertise a fair amount. Take into account that the quality of individual surgeons and their practice philosophies vary quite a bit too.

Most of the promotional information of any commercial company is exactly that. Just check out your surgeon when you go for cosmetic surgery anywhere. Surgery comes with risk. Understand that and try to minimize it.

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John Di Saia MD

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