“Can You Do My Boob Job for $3000?”

I hear you are very good, but I hear you are expensive. I saw a billboard that said $3000 breast implants? Are they any good for us girls without so much money? Do you know any good cheap doctors?

I know plastic surgery is expensive. With the credit crunch of late, more women are saving up for those breast implants at least if they want to go to good board certified plastic surgeons. I decided a long time ago that I would not be the “chop shop” guy. My philosophy is not to rush through surgery and use bargain basement operating facilities. I took the time to obtain proper residency training and board certification and have a spotless record. I am quality over quantity all the way.

You have to decide what is important to you in choosing the environment in which you might have surgery. Surgeons are not the same. Results vary as well. You are value shopping.

A related question is what do breast implants cost and who collects what:

Surgeon’s fee: ~$3000-6000 (on the lower side for no breast lift cases)
Anesthesia Fee: ~$ 500-1000
Surgery Center Fee: ~$1100-2000
Implants: ~$1200-2000 (depends upon style and type)

Bottom Line: An average saline implant breast augmentation (without a lift) in good hands at a good center runs about $6000 in the OC.

So when you read that billboard, call and ask what the $3000 covers. Then look at where your surgery will happen and who will actually do it. (Then look him or her up.) Will you see that doctor for follow-up appointments? Are there any follow-up appointments? Can you see images of your doctor’s work (and not the center’s?) This is usually a level of care issue.

Good luck to you.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD