Melanoma and Plastic Surgery

OK, so my practice isn’t Kmart, but Melanoma is seemingly on “Blue Light Special” and these recent cases are all on the right shoulder. I am sure somebody will say it has something to do with the stars. I saw two patients today and another scheduled for next week. Melanoma patients are not infrequently sent to plastic surgeons for reconstruction. The “removal” operations for melanoma take large portions of healthy tissue around the cancer to help deter recurrence. This works usually, but leaves large holes that we are asked to help fill. This is not cosmetic surgery folks….

Melanoma is the rarest of the skin cancers, but the only skin cancer that has a reasonable possibility of killing you. These things can be nasty like the alien in one of those Sigourney Weaver movies. It is summer, so don’t just buy that sun screen….wear it! Skin cancers are a consequence of lifetime sun exposure and melanoma is thought to come especially from pre-pubescent sun exposure. So lather up the kids!

The melanoma picture you see pictured above is a past case from a few years ago. See the irregular border? That’s a sign of a mole possibly going toward the dark side…..

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD