Debrahlee Lorenzana Wants “Tits on A Stick?!”

(from her Facebook page)Pic from her Facebook Page

Just when you thought (hoped?) the story of buxom banker Debrahlee Lorenzana was running out of steam, the tabloid turned up a four-part Discovery Health Channel series chronicling Lorenzana’s search for a plastic surgeon. It’s unclear what this has to do with her legal action against Citigroup, but who cares when we’ve got our hot heroine saying stuff like, “That’s what I want to be: tits on a stick.”


Despite those warning that really large breast implants lead to problems over the long term, they do get you media attention. Look at sexy banker Debrahlee Lorenzana who claims she was fired by Citibank for being too sexy. It turns out she is very into plastic surgery to the tune of two boob jobs, liposuction and a tummy tuck.

I have never heard a patient ask for large implants as “tits on a stick,” but it doesn’t surprise me. The fact is that she will be back for more surgery. Bigger implant results take staged surgery to stretch the tissue slowly.

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  1. plastic doctor says:

    Many women have this same desire. That’s why they go through so much plastic surgery.