Reader Question – Botox in a Spa by Non-Plastic Surgeon?

Reader’s Comment:

I have been getting my wrinkle tox injection by a nurse (I think) at a spa in a mall nearby my home. Is this safe?

The reality is that simple cosmetic procedures are happening everywhere. The quality of injectors varies substantially. What they are injecting varies too. As long as they don’t go overboard and are using quality material, the risks are pretty low. Some injectors kinda go nuts though and others are not using enough toxin or the right toxin. Some don’t have the best technique. You should ask who is doing the injecting and what training he or she has had. Not knowing what kind of professional is injecting your face is scary.

Suffice it to say there is more risk when you go to an inexperienced or untrained injector. It will likely be cheaper, but you will have to accept that risk in trade for the lower price tag. I usually advise that people find an injector with whom they have had good results and stay there.

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John Di Saia MD


  1. Jenny says:

    If they go to anybody other than a plastic surgeon, then they deserve what they get.