Dr D on Wipeout 7/22/10

Why in God’s name would your host, a Plastic Surgeon, take a chance on Wipeout? Well a few reasons really including publicity.

Dr D is a fairly well-preserved for a “forty something” year old man who was a contestant on television’s Wipeout this season and that episode #314 aired on 7/22/10.

The way the whole thing came about is nothing if not comical. Dr D was kicking it a year ago at the Disneyland hotel at a family event when his wife Kim noticed a crowd at the nearby ESPN building. It turned out there was an open casting event for Wipeout. She teased him about an audition. He went.

After a few more casting sessions, a physical exam and drug test, Dr D was scheduled for an appearance.

“I felt I did pretty well for a 46 year old. Most of the other contestants were in their twenties.”

“The production staff is pretty upfront in telling you that they are looking for spectacular Wipeouts. They essentially want you to eat it on 90% of the obstacles and I think I probably did that. In the big picture, I am lucky that I didn’t develop the need for any reconstructive plastic surgery. That would have been embarrassing.”

Dr D wasn’t given any special preview of the episode, so he became aware of the final product just as you did.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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