Misconception Correction – Liposuction CC’s Removed

On the plastic surgery forums, gals post feverishly indicating how much fat their surgeon had removed.

Time to open your eyes again:

The volume removed can be whatever your doctor wants it to be.

What do I mean?

The Secret:

Most surgeons inject fluid into the areas to be treated before sucking out the fat. At least a third of the fluid injected is removed by suctioning. By injecting more fluid, the unscrupulous surgeon can make the amount of material removed any volume he wants. It really makes no difference in your result.

That which really matters is that which is left. This is hopefully a thin fairly even pad of fat under the skin throughout the surface treated.

We already discussed that liposuction is not weight loss.

The bottom line: Target an appearance, pick a good honest surgeon and you will be more likely than not happy after your surgery. The CC’s do not matter.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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