Heidi Montag in Costa Rica – More Nasal Surgery?

Heidi Montag has been seen in Costa Rica with Steri-strips on her nose talking about an implant exchange (to a smaller size.) Could she have had another nose job? Well of course. She told the Huffington Post that she was wearing the nasal strips under the direction of her late plastic surgeon Frank Ryan presumably for support after her surgery with him, but while this is possible, it is not likely. Steri-strips are wound closure support strips used by plastic surgeons for at the most weeks in the majority of cases. They are much more commonly used on fresh surgical wounds.
The bottom when you see steri-strips in that there is a high likelihood that someone is protecting an open wound or has had recent surgery.

Heidi needs to slow down. She seems to be in a rush to get to Michael Jackson “massively operated” status which is a shame. I liked her original improvement of 2007 and feel that she might have been better off leaving this as it was then.

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  1. Julie says:

    This woman is so lost.