When You Really May Want A Plastic Surgeon For Skin Cancer….

We discuss skin cancer and plastic surgery here intermittently – most recently here.

Large Basal Cell Skin Cancer Neck

Large Basal Cell Skin Cancer Neck

Here is a case in which the gentleman had a really large skin cancer behind his neck. He of course didn’t realize it was that large. His dermatologist sent him to me before she did the removal surgery to take the skin cancer out.

After she removed the skin cancer, she sent him to me with the hole you will see after the jump (if you would like.)  I operated on him the day after to perform a local flap to get this wound covered. These are not pretty cases. Many plastic surgeons avoid them as they believe that the results will impede their cosmetic practices. They may.

Obviously, this is not a cosmetic case although plastic surgery can make it look less objectionable that it would have in the hands of other specialists. If it were cosmetic, his health insurance wouldn’t have covered it. It did.

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Originally posted 2009-12-31 07:30:12.

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