Cheryl Tiegs Plastic Surgery

A few years ago I commented on Cheryl Tiegs and her plastic surgery experience. She has always looked good and to look this good in her sixties, a little maintenance has likely been the order of the day. She is trending again so let’s revisit what I said to the OC Register in 2008:

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia of San Clemente, however, believes Tiegs has had multiple surgeries, including one or more face lifts, nose jobs (rhinoplasties), and perhaps breast implants:

Since the seventies … I’d wager she’s had a few rhinoplasties. She has probably also had a face lift or two as her cheeks don’t seem to descend the way they should have over time.

I found a few pics online indicating that she may have had breast implants in the late seventies or early-to-mid-eighties. At that time implants were smaller and easier to hide when a lady wanted to do so. She may have had them removed in more recent times as many women of the time did.

I would advise her to take it easy on any large scale further work. Redos can be more difficult. Skin care and sun avoidance do well for all.


While his sounds like a ton of work, it isn’t as it occurred over decades. She did not pull a Heidi Montag in her twenties. In comparison to the models of her time, Cheryl still looks quite good. Call me biased but it is not what you have, but how you look when it is done. Quality, timing and moderation reign king here. 😉

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John Di Saia MD

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  1. Rita says:

    I just watched Cheryl Tiegs on a Minneapolis program. She looks freakish. Saying that she looks good makes me wonder what standards you have. I had a face lift in my early 40;s. It was natural and even though I am now 60 I can still see the results. I am not pulled back…my neck was really worked on and it looks great and my forehead has no wrinkles. Yet, I look like myself. Meg Ryan and Cheryl Tiegs ? what were they thinking? and why would a board certified plastic surgery do something so extreme

    1. admin says:

      I wrote these comments originally in 2008. I do not know what might have happened since then. Maybe she passed over the “too much surgery” line?

  2. kosmetik says:

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