Comment & Win! …..On Hold

Dr D likes blog comments and giving stuff away so….

What are you giving away?

Botulinum toxin injections, facial skin treatments and peels. Winners will get a real treatment provided by Dr D in person for free!

How will this work?

Comment posts at the website using your Facebook. We will pick winners based upon participation. In weeks in which participation is light, the contest will be suspended. Facebook tags your comment with your name, so we can keep track. The comments must be related to the post and make some sense.

Are there any limitations?

(1) Winners must be legal residents of California and come to the office with a scheduled appointment to get the free goodies. We are not able to mail Dr D to do your freebie anyway. He won’t fit in the envelope.

(2) The comments must be entered via the Facebook system online at This is best accomplished via the web site not just by commenting entries at Dr D’s Facebook. You must have your own facebook account so that even if others are posting in your name they can tag your name (facebook acct) in their message (@name) so it will be counted.

(3) Dr D may take pictures or video of you getting your freebie for use on the blog or as a promotion. You will not be charged. :)

(4) You must be of legal age to get the goodies and fill out a few forms including a consent and a release.

(5) Dr D might substitute goodies if your fitness for a particular item is questionable. He has discounted larger procedures for frequent participators as a “Thank you” as well.

(6) If you win you will have 60 days from the date you are notified to go get your prize. Don’t delay!

(7) Void where prohibited by law and all that jazz.

This is on hold at present. It might start again at any time though. :)

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

Winner #1: Allison – Facial Chemical Treatment

Winner #2: Discounted Redo Breast Implant Surgery



  1. Medica says:

    I’m only 3 weeks out. I did go with Saline under the muscle bc I sought after that rounder look. They did 425 cc’s. I’m wearing a 34c right now, which is HARD to find but it’s getting a modest tight, so I reckon once they drop fully they will be larger. Hoping not too huge. Yours look fantastic though. It’s excellent you’re pleased with them so far! Hey just reckon, they also have persons 2 cup size larger bathing suits. Persons are crazy bc it’s all padding! LOL.. excellent video!

  2. Dr M says:

    Don’t give away the shirt on your back. ROFL