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“Can You Fix My Cheap Boobjob Refund Gap?”

I feel so f….king stupid! I got a cheap $3000 boobjob from a billboard and am stuck with these ugly boobies. Can you fix my refund gap?

You look like you have “over the muscle” implants and the pockets are sort of “to the side.” The implants might also be a tad big for your frame. Your refund gap refers to your wide cleavage for those not familiar with the term.

These kinds of problems can be addressed by another operation. Take a look at the lady I repaired here. She also had over the muscle implants that were too large and were settling down her chest. Your cleavage can be made a bit better, but your breast shape can be improved quite a bit.

I not infrequently tell patients how their cheap boobjobs can get expensive. Get yours fixed before it gets worse and requires more work.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

Originally posted 2011-07-11 07:30:47.

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OC Weekly $3000 Breast Implant Ads – and a Story

As some of you might know I serve as an expert witness for the California Medical Board in cases of suspected negligence and malpractice. Not long ago I testified in a case of a not-so-qualified doctor (my opinion) in a liposuction death. Remember as the medical expert in this case, I reviewed the doctor’s training and experience. It was so weak that he would have failed a hospital credentials committee evaluation for sure. Unfortunately, these cases are confidential and I can’t divulge the name.

What I can divulge is that leafing through the OC Weekly recently I saw an advertisement by the aforementioned doctor offering incredibly inexpensive breast implant and liposuction work. I wonder if his dead former patient found him in these ads. Be careful when you select a surgeon this way.


Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

Originally posted 2011-03-16 07:30:57.

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