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Wendy Whoppers – Breast Implant History

People often look to compare their own implant size or volume with that of larger breasted entertainers or porn starlets. Wendy Whoppers, a now retired adult entertainer from the eighties and nineties, did an interview in which she detailed her breast implant experience:

StS: Speaking of your career: you had several breast enlargement operations, right? How many?

WW: 4 enlargements.

StS: What was your breast size originally?

WW: 34 B.

StS: Did you pay for all of these operations, or did some Maecenas help (or maybe Blue Cross)? Can you give a general idea of how much such an operation costs?

WW: The first one –in 1989– was $2600, which a guy I was dating at the time paid for; they were 260-cc silicone implants (lower cost because it was done at my doctor’s office under local anesthesia). The second was $3200 for 800-cc silicone implants done in a surgery center, which I paid for. The third time, I had the double lumens put in and filled to 1600 cc’s, costing $3500, which I paid for. The fourth was adding more fluid to the same implants to fill them to 3000 cc’s, which was around $1000, paid for by photographer John Graham in exchange for a photo shoot. The cost was less because I was reusing the same implants and just adding more fluid to them, versus buying a whole new set of implants.


At 5′ 1″ tall and under 100 pounds, she was quite large at the end of this. At her largest, she had dual lumen (Becker type) implants with one silicone compartment and another for saline at a 3000 cc volume. These implants are no longer made.

An important issue to point out here is that to go as large as she did required multiple operations (in her case four.) And later in life she had additional surgery to downsize.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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E-mailed Comment – Over 1000 cc Breast Implants and Overfilling

E-mailed Comment:

I’m friends with a few local plastic surgeons. With regard to the larger implant sizes, I recall from your past posts that you aren’t a fan but recognize the interest some women have with them. ‘Custom’ implants are pretty-much a thing of the past, but there are good alternatives. For one thing, an Allergen or Inamed implant can be overfilled as much as 10 times before bursting. So my point is – overfilling an 800 or 850cc implant by 4 times it’s rating is still fairly ‘safe’ in-terms of the actual device. Yes, the patient’s particular physiology is another matter altogether. But my (now ex) significant other had 800cc-rated implants overfilled to 1900cc’s without incident to the device, and a friend of ours had some overfilled to 3000cc’s. Later ‘fills’ can be handily accommodated to facilitate making the implants larger, under local anesthesia. Our friend was implanted at 1100cc’s, and had subsequent ‘fills’ of these ‘standard’ implants to 1600, 1900, 2100, 2400 and finally 3000 – in the aforementioned manner.

Liability is one of the the main regulatory forces within medicine. You might recall the World’s largest breast implant patient went to Brazil to get her surgery as she reportedly couldn’t find a US surgeon to do it.

Although you describe a pretty good experience with overfilling breast implants in such a large way, the question is what would happen if the implants were to rupture? The manufacturers state that over filling beyond their stated tolerance voids the warranty. If they were to rupture or require additional surgery, the patient would be on the hook for the cost. At this size the potential to need further surgery for problems at some point would be essentially 100%. This is part explains the relative scarcity of docs who will “go that big.”

I am a big believer in the right of a patient to do that which she wants with her body, but don’t want to end up in court. This like many things in medicine is a matter of a doctor’s own philosophy. I would need a specially-worded consent form for a case like this if I agreed to do it. lol.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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