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Reader Laura Asks about Water Jet Lipo – Breakthrough or Bull?

Reader Laura Question:

I was wondering if you had heard of or are using this new method. What are your thoughts on this new procedure? Are there more or less risks with this?

Over its history, liposuction has had more gimmicks applied to it than just about any other cosmetic procedure. Some would have easily fit into a late-great Billy Mays’ commercial. This new potential gimmick is called Water Jet Lipo or Aqua Lipo. It reportedly uses water to break up the fat cells to allow their removal.

Amongst the liposuction techniques / advertising terms we have on the menu at present are:

    Tumescent liposuction (pump the tissue up with fluid first)
    Vaser liposuction (ultrasound used to break up the fat)
    Smart Lipo (laser used to melt the fat)

and now

    Water Jet Lipo (water stream used to break up the fat) – also marketed as body jet liposuction and body-jet liposuction.

Each of these are marketing terms for versions of a liposuction system. They are all currently in use. I have used the first three at one time or another and have found that the results are very similar. In my practice I most often use a modified tumescent liposuction technique which works well and is reasonably cost effective. The “added technology” techniques add to the price tag of course.

My conclusion:

Technology adds a selling advantage to liposuction. Even the representatives who sell the systems come to the office mainly touting how their system will enhance sales. The technical aspects are very similar with occasional small advantages in specialized situations. I will not be rushing out to spend big bucks on any new technology unless good studies show it is significantly better than that which I already use. Those studies are few and far between.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


Dr D’s Orange County Liposuction

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Reader Laura on Body-Jet Lipo Pain

Reader Laura Comment:

Athenix is a clinic that performs a water jet lipo that doesn’t use traditional anesthesia, just local. During one such procedure the patient was able to sell everything that was done to her. She said that she was screaming in pain and the Doctor wouldn’t stop. This Dr has also been in trouble before for allowing unlicensed people to inject pain meds into patients. The Dr associated with this story is under review again after violating the orders from the last incident.

“The pain was so severe that there’s no way I could forget it,” said the woman whom KOMO News has chosen to call “Terri.” She claims a simple surgery to remove fat from her stomach and thighs went terribly wrong. “It felt like a crushing, ripping and burning all at the same time,” she said. And a doctor ignored her cries for help. It was one of two surgeries Terri booked at Athenix in Bellevue. The company uses body-jet liposuction, a less invasive surgery using water jets to shape problem areas. The Athenix results pleased Terri the first time around. The second surgery in October 2010 did not. It took place in the Tacoma office of Dr. Jose Antonio Garcia, who was hired by Athenix to work part-time. During the surgery, the patient is awake but sedated with a combination of amnesia drugs, pain killers and local anesthetic.

People don’t seem to understand that liposuction is not something a machine provides. It is surgery. Surgeons differ in their skills and compassion. Patients are more successful when they concentrate upon the doctor who would do their surgery rather than the technology used for it.

When evaluating such a case one of the first things I do is check the American Board of Medical Specialties website for board certification information. I plugged in this doctor’s name in Washington and found “Jose Antonio Garcia Jr.” He appears to be a board-certified Gynecologist. What people expect when they submit to plastic surgery by a gynecologist is beyond me. Well gynecologists are used to screaming patients I guess. As we have discussed here to the point of nagging, you need to check your surgeon out before you have that surgery.

I would have preferred a little anesthesia and I employ the services of board-certified anesthesiologists to get quality anesthesia so I can concentrate upon operating. When you go for plastic surgery under less anesthesia you need to understand what you are selecting. Small scale surgery can be performed under lesser anesthesia. When the surgery gets larger in scale it can get uncomfortable at the very least.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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