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Reader Laura on Acid Attack Facial Burns With Self-Inflicted Update

Reader Laura’s Comment:
“Photos have been released of the woman who suffered an acid attack in Vancouver. Looking at the pictures what is your opinion on her prognosis?”

VANCOUVER, Wash. – A bizarre attack sent a Vancouver woman to the hospital on Monday and police said they believe her attacker threw some kind of acid in her face. Bethany Storro had no idea who the woman was who attacked her and no idea why someone picked her for an attack. On Wednesday, three photos of Storro were released before surgery after an overnight stint in the hospital. Doctors at Legacy Emmanuel Medical Center thought Storro might be in surgery for an hour or two Wednesday when they’ll be doing both some exploratory work and some repair work.


I wonder what kind of acid this was? The depth of the injury will depend upon its strength and the time it was in contact with her skin. Deeper burns heal more poorly and/or need surgery and result in poorer scarring.

It looks like her nose may have the deepest burns by the looks of the image although I am only guessing seeing as I can’t examine her. It looks like it could have been much worse though.

Update: 9/16/10 “Woman admits acid attack was self-inflicted”

A woman who claimed she was the victim of an acid attack has admitted her injuries were self-inflicted, Vancouver, Wash., police said Thursday afternoon. Police Chief Clifford Cook said at an afternoon news conference that Bethany Storro, 28, told detectives the truth during an interview after discrepancies emerged in her story.

Fame Whore or tweaked? You all tell me.

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Originally posted 2010-09-16 18:00:26.

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