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Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery?

Bristol Palin has played the publicity game well since her mother’s run for the White House. New images of her show nice facial plastic surgery. Here is an image from her Facebook showing “Before:”

In this image she shows a somewhat cherubic face with a shortened lower facial third height….that is the area below the mouth.

Newer images have surfaced (Source: showing changes namely to that lower third of her face along with some weight loss. Her chin looks longer and more sculpted. Likely she had a “mini-mandibular advancement” called a genioplasty or chin implant type procedure. It has nicely improved her facial balance and improved her look overall. Her brows are also elevated, so add an endoscopic forehead lift. This is a fair amount of surgery for a young woman. Her nose was probably operated previously.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

P.S. Bristol’s latest story (to US Weekly) is that the jaw surgery was medically necessary. These changes have been released on the heels of her network announcement about her new reality show. Good timing. :)

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