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Reader Laura on the Lindsay Lohan Trout Pout

Reader Question:

Lindsay Lohan seems to have developed the “trout pout” once again. I always wonder why these celebrities seem to think this looks good.

The real question is what looks good. It sounds like a silly question but whereas some people want to look natural others want to look “supernatural” in the area of lip fillers just like breast implants. I posted a conservative lip filler “Before and After” on the blog a few years ago and many readers could not tell the difference. They were likely used to seeing much larger Trout Pout lips.

I give patients a mirror when I do lip injections so they can tell me how much they want. Some patients end up with a partially saved syringe for later and for others we use it all.

As usual, it is all relative.

BTW – One of the Daily Mail readers likely had it right. Collagen is rarely used these days. It is far more likely Lilo had one of the hyaluronic acid-based products injected.

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John Di Saia MD

Originally posted 2009-09-22 08:00:34.

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