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Vaginal Rejuvenation Warning in Daily News America – Here We Go Again

Women considering going under the knife for a “vagina lift” are being warned that the internet is rife with misinformation and inaccuracies in a new study released this week. In recent years, genital plastic surgery has become increasingly popular among women looking for “vaginal rejuvenation,” “G-spot amplification,” and other procedures that reshape the external lips or labia of the vagina.

But in a paper published online in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, researchers called for guidelines in genital cosmetic surgery to be drawn up after finding major gaps in the breadth, accuracy, and quality of the clinical information provided among the first five British and American websites which popped up on Google for the procedure. Among the most disturbing findings was the absence of setting age limits, authors note. Sixteen is the age of legal consent for surgery.

The labia police are back at it. As I have iterated here more times than perhaps than anyone else has one anywhere else is the fact that plastic surgery on the internet is a carnival of sorts. Surgery of the privates both in the way it is presented and at times performed certainly fits this description.

One of my reasons for writing my humble blog has been to set some of the misinformation plaguing my specialty straight. As a surgeon with significant experience performing labiaplasty surgery, I think I have earned the right to respond to this piece.

I have presented my philosophy of labiaplasty surgery here before many times. I have warned of the heterogeneity of those offering procedures in the privates of women. I have advised that women “stick to the outside” when having these operations (that means labiaplasty on external structures in my book.) I am not a fan of vaginoplasty or the term designer vagina.

Moreover I have encouraged those considering these operations to look carefully into the technique to be used and to choose proper surgical talent. I have also discussed dissenting opinions including a statement from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) in 2007 warning of the dangers of the trending surgery and the relative lack of regulation or even categorization. I did point out that the specific type of the surgery that I perform was the only one that the ACOG committee considered potentially beneficial at the time.

I have poked fun at procedures in the area that I consider laughable…such as the G shot. In other areas of concern to the ACOG and their European equivalents, I am in total agreement:

Clinics offering the procedure also preyed on unnecessary and oftentimes unfounded fears about appearance of female genitals researchers said, reinforcing negative feelings towards the vagina also known as ‘pudendal disgust.’

Pudendal disgust?

This is a new term by me. I thought I had heard of everything. Those of you who know me know that I carefully screen my patients and do not talk anyone into anything. I do not deceive to operate. This may be amongst the reasons I am in solo practice but that is another story. :)

With all this being said, I still defend that surgery in the privates of women can be performed safely. I have done so for over ten years. Reduction labiaplasty utilizing the proper techniques is a safe and satisfying operation when offered to the proper patient. No operation is right for everyone after all.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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Doctor builds new, more natural vagina

An Italian doctor has used stem cells to make a vagina for two women born without one.

I wonder if he gets the flack I get for just reducing the lips.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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Why Didn’t Dr D go to the Global Symposium on Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery?

Recently there was a “Global Symposium on Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery.” Although I have been operating in the area for the last ten years or so, I did not attend? Why?

I figured it would likely be filled with hype and BS as I tend to differ philosophically from the majority of those who would likely attend. I perform labiaplasty, but do not engage in the hyperbole that many other surgeons push with it. I do not tighten the vagina or promise increased sexual gratification. I reduce over-sized lips and preserve sensation through a minimalist approach. I do not sell the designer vagina. My patients are happy and I contend that is the bottom line.

The Huffington Post featured an editorial on the conference. They were not impressed at least not favorably so.

Some 150 gynecologists, urogynecologists and plastic surgeons met last month to observe, in bloody still shots and loops of video, the signature ways that the fathers of vaginal cosmetic surgery–and they’re all men–cut, carve, burn, cauterize, and stitch the female labia, clitoral environs, vaginal canal, and other points south.

The tone connotes the thought that labiaplasty surgeons are misogynists. I am not. While I certainly do not fly a ridiculous flag such as “Vaginoplasties Save Relationships,” reduction labiaplasty surgery performed conservatively in the right patient does not impair sexual performance…at least not in my patients. Then again the surgery is not standardized despite those at the conference who might try to make it so.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD



Frankencrotch: Why Limit Female Genital Surgery to Labiaplasty? – Picture Alert

This woman e-mailed to call our attention to a nightmare “designer vaginal rejuvenation” she had. She herself called her privates a “frankencrotch” before she was repaired:

It has been about 2 years since I had my surgery with Dr. “X.” What cost 8,000 to have done as part of his “seminar”. It has cost 10,000 to fix. It was devastating. Dr. “X” wouldn’t return calls and his office would be nice one minute and rude the next. I lived out of state and they would change appointments after I arrived to LA and had my hotel. He would run so late that I actually missed a flight home. This experience has drained me physically and mentally. I was scarred and disgusting looking. My vagina was perfectly normal looking (before surgery.) I wanted a prettier private area. Not a scarier one.

I went to another doctor to fix what had been done to me. I don’t know how he made it look normal. It took 3 surgeries to make it right. This was the most expensive mistake I have ever made.

With the woman’s permission I have reproduced the cogent parts of her story from her site (which she says she will take down in one week.) Her point is that people shouldn’t have the vaginal rejuvenation operation. I have been cautioning limitations in the surgery “down there” for years. When the operation is limited to the “lips” and the technique is right, the problems are few.

On the next page I will post some images from the woman’s site. They are graphic and you are warned. This is not a Dr D case, but is presented to inform the potential labiaplasty patient.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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