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Surgical Tourism With A Dominican Twist – Hector Cabral

He’d love to nip back home to the D.R. and perform a few more liposuctions — but a Manhattan judge wouldn’t take any chances. Accused quack plastic surgeon Hector Cabral was in court this morning, pleading in vain to get his Dominican passport back. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has charged Cabral, 51, with unauthorized practice of medicine, saying he lured city women to his home island on the promise of cheap plastic surgery, only to leave them sick and disfigured. Cabral has collected victims since 1999, mostly from spas and salons in Washington Heights, officials charge. Sometimes he’d even whip out a black marker and diagram where on their bodies they needed liposuction.

Surgical Tourism refers to the practice of patients traveling to foreign countries for less expensive (sometimes plastic) surgery. We have discussed the issue here before.

Hector Cabral is a plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic by report. He apparently added a new dimension to the equation of surgical tourism by coming to the United States (New York) to recruit patients. He is not licensed in the United States to practice medicine.

The district attorney is after him for proposed malpractice even though the surgery occurred in the Dominican Republic. The question will be jurisdiction. Can we hold a surgeon who operated in another country accountable in this country? We will have to keep an eye on this one.

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