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Reader Question: Mold in Saline Breast Implants?

I read online a woman telling about how her saline breast implants got mold and she had terrible problems. Does this happen very often?

A few years ago I put up a YouTube video of my experience with silicone gel breast implants. Now every year or so somebody posts a comment about how saline implants are just as dangerous. A frequent feature of these responses is a statement about a moldy saline implant. My response is and always has been, if saline implants are so often affected by mold, then why have I never seen it?

I have been implanting (and at times removing) breast implants for over 15 years. You would think if something was a dangerous and common phenomenon that I would be seeing it. I haven’t. Not even once. I have seen occasional implant infections but they have always been bacterial, not fungal.

Breast Implant Infections

Breast implant infections can be a big deal. That is the main reason that doing what we can to minimize them is important. When an implant within a person’s body becomes infected by bacteria or fungus, simple pharmacological treatment is usually not enough to stop it. The implant must usually be removed. An infection affecting a breast implant will therefore plague the patient until that implant is removed and the body can clear the remaining infection. A moldy breast implant is fortunately a rare problem and we would like to keep it that way. :)

Breast implants have risks, but these risks can be minimized by making good choices….choose good surgical talent and facilities, don’t go too large, put your implants under good soft tissue coverage and stay with saline over silicone implants in most cases.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

Originally posted 2011-06-29 07:30:11.

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Most Common Breast Implant Myths

Breast implant surgery is a hot topic online. Online discussions taint the dialogue however with some myths that distort the truth like a situational comedy. They also scare potential patients. Here are some common ones:

(1) Mold commonly grows in saline-filed breast implants. It doesn’t or I would have seen it. Either that or it is really really uncommon.

(2) The solution to any “bad boobjob” is to make the implants bigger and/or switch to silicone gel implants. This has produced many a client who came to my office to be fixed usually years afterward.

(3) Breast implants can lift a breast making breast lift surgery unnecessary. Talk to Bethenny Frankel about this one. It didn’t work for her and will likely not work for you either.

(4) Breast implant surgery can be entirely “scar free.” This one is just silly. Good plastic surgeons can make scars less apparent, but surgery involves incisions and incisions heal with at least some scar formation.

Breast implant surgery can be a good thing, but you have to do your research and get your expectations in a good place first.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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