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Celebrity Potshots

Feeling kinda punchy so surfed TMZ and had a few comments (big surprise yeah I know)……

Newly Single J.Lo Takes a Back Seat – Your Botox is wearing thin….time to get your shots.

Rachel Returns Hush Money To Tiger, Threatens Gloria – “Hush money” means you shut your collagen-injected lips honey and BTW lawyers don’t take the pain with you.

Sheen OFFICIALLY Announces ‘Anger Management’ – What? They haven’t had enough of his Tiger’s blood?

I am too lazy to wait for TMZ’s confirmation e-mails and would rather shoot it here anyway. :)

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Who is Rachel Uchitel?

BlackBookMag describes Rachel Uchitel as a VIP Diva known for having affairs with married men.

Shareapic images show her to be an attractive woman who has probably seen the inside of a plastic surgeon’s office before. She seems to have had breast implants at the least from the images we have seen. Lip filler seems pretty likely as well.

Whether she has been having an affair with Tiger Woods or not, this story will not go away for a while.

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John Di Saia MD