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Propecia and Sexual Side Effects

Having taken finasteride (Propecia) for a number of years, I can make a statement on it. First of all I would never tolerate it at the recommended dose of 1 mg a day. The sexual side effects would be a drag. I believe it has slowed my hair loss so I am planning on staying on it.

It is funny though that looking online there is so little written on it from a patient’s perspective. I was specifically looking for drug interaction data. Some drugs added to it make the aforementioned side effects worse specifically pain medications.

My advice for other men taking it is to be careful with the addition of pain meds while on the finasteride. Talk with your proscribing doctor before altering your dose despite what I am telling you.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

Originally posted 2010-11-09 07:30:38.

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