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Question: “Susan Lucci Looks Weird…”

Make Me Heal is doing a story on Soap star Susan Lucci and would like your opinion on what makes her look so odd…
tummy tuck, lipo, breast implants, facelift, Botox, etc? any of it or more?

A lot of facial surgery and not so much on her body makes her face “tight-looking” relative to her body. This is seen in some bikini images on DListed.

Facially, her hairline seems to have been pulled back by forehead lift surgery I would estimate. This can also be a genetic hair loss pattern seen in women of Italian descent however. She has likely had a few facelifts and touch up work over the years. This explains the hair being worn for cover. In the big picture, understand that she is over 60 and for a lady of her age, looks pretty good. All is relative of course and we will never know how she might have looked without the plastic surgery she has had. I would not characterize her as a plastic surgery problem case without more information anyway.

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John Di Saia MD

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Links & Comments

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